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While We Wait |

Projects | While We Wait

While We Wait

Much of an average commuter’s daily commute in Kuala Lumpur is spent idly waiting. In response to this scenario, While We Wait is a creative, interactive project devised to address and interact with commuters’ idle time while they wait for their bus to arrive.

The project consists of a series of activities, installations and surveys to initiate curiosity and conversations about shared spaces and quality of time/life in a city.

Bus stops are typically temporary, transitory congregation points with its monotonous design reduced to serve this said utility. The process of “hacking” a bus stop space looks at the potentiality of shared public spaces, i.e. “What is missing?” and “What could be there?”.

The purpose of While We Wait is three-fold:

  • to address commuters’ idle time through interactivity and creativity
  • to simulate a ‘pop up community’ through activities or surveys highlighting relevant urban issues

  • to improve the experience of bus stops as a shared, public space

It is also an attempt to understand, engage and instigate the commuters and their social encounters within this shared space.

While We Wait has been presented at several conferences:

While We Wait is supported by The Embassy of Finland Malaysia.