Tell Us Your Stories through PostPhone!

18 April 2013

We invite you to tell us your storiesA city, a bustling space that is constantly filled with voices and stories. From dreams to destination; from voices to stories. Amidst of the hustle and bustle of sounds, have you found your own voice? Are you listening to others’ as well?

Inspired by PostSecret, the team at #BetterCities were curious about this intangible part of the city. What if we are able to collect the voices of the city as well?

Thus, we came out with PostPhone, a travelling installation for the public to record their thoughts and messages anonymously on a phone as well as to listen to messages recorded by previous users. While giving the unheard voice of the city an ear, we wonder, what are the things people are willing to share?

The project started with an old phone we sourced and a few ideas sketched on a whiteboard. We have been hacking for a few weeks now. Needless to say, our ears are open, we have to try it out!

Deconstructing an old phone

PostPhone is a part of #BetterCities’ While We Wait Project 03. While We Wait is supported by the Embassy of Finland, Malaysia.

Okui lala is currently an intern with #Bettercities. A media arts student who enjoys working with the community, Okui is also a visual designer for theater and music performances.

E Wyn is a media arts student who combines design, arts and programming to create enjoyable experience for his users. He loves minimalism and enjoy taking photos during his spare time.