Food Ninja Engagement 4

28 August 2014

Collaborative map of PPR Kota Damansara

On Sunday, August 17th we had our 4th Food Ninja engagement day. After doing mapping and documentation on the previous day, the international interns compiled the children’s findings and pictures to create a map of PPR Kota Damansara of the healthy alternatives you can find in the area.

The first activity after an energizer game was the Map Puzzle. The completed map was divided into several sections and the children were asked to put the pieces back together in their own groups. One they had done this, they were given the pictures they had taken from the previous day to add to their piece of the map. After each group had completed their part of the puzzle, they put all the pieces together on the board to create a full map complete with pictures.

Completing the map puzzle


We had a group discussion about they types of food we had found in each stall and why they were chosen as a ‘healthier alternative’. The children could view a map they had created together and how it can be useful to other people.


The second part of the day was aimed to teach the children about healthy lifestyle habits. As we had talked a lot about what we should and shouldn’t eat, we also wanted to introduce healthy habits to have a complete a healthy lifestyle. Things such as exercise, drinking enough glasses of water and personal hygiene were some of the messages we tried to portray.


We started with a simple ‘Agree and Disagree’ game. Will from England asked the children a set of questions related to healthy lifestyle habits and asked the children to line up in the agree or disagree line. After each question we asked the children why they agreed or disagreed. This method of asking questions is something we picked up from our facilitator training workshop, as a way to do a verbal survey and one that involves movement as well to keep children interested.

Agree and Disagree – Learning Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Charades – Cutting your nails

We also had a game of charades where we got the children to act out the different healthy habits in their groups. After these two activities, the children had a better idea of what healthy lifestyle habits are. We then finished the day with a My Playe Relay race, to recap what we learned from the previous weekend about the MyPlate content and also to get the children to do simple exercises.

MyPlate Relay Race


Filling in the MyPlate to complete a round

Each child in each group are given two different pictures of food with an ‘action’ to accompany it. As the race starts the children have to take turns to get to the other side of the field and place their picture on the right section of the MyPlate. It was quite a sight to see them skip, jump, crawl and dance to the finish line! We even played the game twice because they had so much fun.

You can also keep track of this project via AIESEC Sunway’s THUMP Webpage.

Yasmin Lane is the research lead at #BetterCities. She graduated with a degree in International Relations and has since shifted her interest from the people and institutions that make up the city to learning new ways of shaping and improving the structures of the city itself.