• THUMP Final Engagement : Farewells and a Mini Graduation Ceremony


    On Sunday the 24th of August we had our last Food Ninja engagement day with the kids of PPR Kota Damansara. With heavy hearts we tried to make it a memorable day for the children and to leave them with …

  • Week 5 : Engagement 5, The Sickly See-Saw and The Amazing Ninja Challenge


    We had our final Food Ninja weekend in week 5, on the 23rd and 24th of August. On the Saturday, for engagement 5 we wanted to share one final lesson with the children which was the consequences of eating too …

  • Food Ninja Engagement 4


    Collaborative map of PPR Kota Damansara On Sunday, August 17th we had our 4th Food Ninja engagement day. After doing mapping and documentation on the previous day, the international interns compiled the children’s findings and pictures to create a map …

  • Food Ninja Engagement 3 : Spatial and Outdoor Mapping


    A 3D Map of PPR Kota Damansara On the third engagement day, we introduced the simple concept of mapping to the children through a series of exercises and conducted our very first mapping activity with the aim to learn about …

  • Food Ninja Engagement 1 & 2


    The first weekend of the Food Ninja program in PPR Kota Damansara took place on the 9th and 10th of August. On Saturday, we had 30 children aged 8 – 12 join us for the first engagement activity. We anticipated …

  • THUMP Week 3: Facilitator Training Workshop


    This week, Chow Kit Kita conducted a 2-day facilitator training workshop, specifically for this project and to help us deal with some of the concerns we had encountered after executing the small-scale soft-launch activities. Fahmi Redza and Pik-Svonn, who both …

  • THUMP First Site-Visit and Soft-Launch

    Banner Painting with kids in PPR Kota Damansara

    It’s been nearly three weeks since the interns arrived and we are now prepared for the first official event which is the first engagement activity with the young residents of PPR Kota Damansara happening this Saturday and Sunday. We have …

  • Cultural Mapping Workshop, Week 1 of THUMP


    AIESEC Sunway team and international interns at the THUMP Cultural Mapping Workshop (Photo courtesy of Charmaine) This week marks the start of THUMP, The Urban Mapper Project as we welcome the arrival of the foreign AIESEC Interns. There is Kharisma …

  • Thump, The Urban Mapper Project : Week T-1


    Panel freeze, text wrap, page breaks. I am happy to note that to some extent I have mastered the art of efficiently using Microsoft Excel. Okay, so maybe my days of project management are just beginning but I’ve definitely picked …

  • Living carless in KL city

    KL Traffic

    Our design intern, Lay Sheng responds to Jia-Ling’s recent article, “Unpacking the KIDEX Controversy” on his experiences living carless in Kuala Lumpur having lived in Singapore for six years. Navigating through Kuala Lumpur’s traffic gridlock is like attending a massive funeral …

  • Unpacking the KIDEX Controversy


    The recent controversy surrounding plans to build an elevated expressway between Damansara and Kinrara has brought our attention to the issue of transportation, notably highways and our city’s utter dependence on them. One of the most disagreeable aspects of living in …

  • Lessons from #TheLivingCity


    Our design intern, Lay Sheng muses on the various processes of city-making from his experience at The Living City’s debut at Festival Belia Putrajaya 2014: #TheLivingCity is an open invitation to every concerned Malaysian citizen to participate in a discussion …

  • #BetterCities Talk Series 6: Highlights


    The sixth instalment of #BetterCities Talk series titled “The Edible City – Urban Gardening and food futures of KL” was held over the weekend at Menara Bata, PJ Trade Centre. The talk featured a panel discussion with 4 invited speakers …

  • #BetterCities goes LEGO


    The #BetterCities team has been eating, sleeping, dreaming LEGO for a better part of the year now and it has all led up to the launch of our very own The Living City exhibition which gets its first run this …

  • The Living City at Festival Belia Putrajaya 2014


    We at #BetterCities have been working on ‘The Living City’, our LEGO based interactive exhibition for quite some time now and we are happy to announce that it will debut at the upcoming Festival Belia in Putrajaya! Date :  24 …

  • Housing Vs. Habitat : Liveability in Social Housing


    Last March, we explored the topic of “Social Housing in Malaysia” for the 5th installment of the #BetterCities Talk Series. The talk featured two speakers, architect Lillian Tay and consultant with UNDP, Dr. Clarence Shubert. ( Lillian Tay, Dr. Clarence …

  • #BetterCities Talks Food

    #BetterCities Talks Food

      Here at #BetterCities, we’re gearing up for the next talk series, slated to happen early June. This time, we’ll be having a conversation with a few people at the forefront of the urban gardening movement in Kuala Lumpur. Urban …

  • Atria Public Land Redevelopment Report


    Last December, #BetterCities was approached by Teh Chi-Chang, the Local Councillor of Zon 5 PJ to conduct a research and produce a report of the redevelopment of two plots of public land in Damansara Jaya. The two public lands each …

  • KL’s Urban Gardeners

    Free Tree Society

    (photo credit : Ling Low) If you did not grow up with a vegetable patch in your house or never handled a shovel, the idea of gardening can be overwhelming. Plus, so many people in the city live in apartments. …

  • From Strangers to Neighbours

    DJ Lorong Party

    What makes a neighbourhood more than just a group of people who share a postcode? Over the years, a lot of our neighbourhoods seem to have lost a sense of community, with interpersonal interactions becoming rare. With more people driving …

  • Profiles: Meet Shaun and Jeff


    #BetterCities speaks to Jeffrey Lim and Shaun Lim, the two speakers who will be presenting their projects at our upcoming talk on alternative and sustainable transportation in Greater Klang Valley.

  • #BetterCities Talks #2: A Postmortem

    Talk Series #2

    As part of their talk series #BetterCities held a postmortem of two of their projects: Urban Residency and #BetterCities x Junk=ed.

  • A Resolution for a Better City

    Farewell and Here's To The Future!

    Mark Teh’s resolution for 2013 at Poskod Talks’ finale: Farewell and Here’s to the Future!

  • From a Distant Perspective

    Urban Residency - the site

    Rofianisa Nurdin, one of our Urban Residency participants, writes about her recent experience and lessons of being a stranger, a student, a creative in George Town, Penang.

  • #BetterCities Talk Series 1: Marco Kusumawijaya

    Common places, not public places

    Presentation by Marco Kusumawijaya from Rujak Centre of Urban Studies (RCUS) at #BetterCities Talk Series 1: The Role of Architecture in Place-Making.

  • Urban Residency: Meet our Participants

    Meet our Participants

    Our first Urban Residency programme is fast approaching! Here are our seven successful applicants.

  • Urban Residency: Meet our Mentors

    Announcing our Mentors

    Two days left for you to send in your applications for Urban Residency. Curious who you will be working with if you are selected for our urban action workshop? Meet our Urban Residency mentors.

  • #BetterCities Talk Series #1: Highlights

    #BetterCities Talk Series 01

    The first talk series from #BetterCities of the year, “The Role of Architecture in Place-Making”, was held on 20 April 2013, at Galeri Petronas, Suria KLCC.

  • Urban Residency: George Town, Penang Open Call


    Are you interested in participatory urbanism? Are you passionate about improving shared public spaces? Do you believe creativity and collaboration can contribute to a better neighbourhood and city? #BetterCities invites architects, designers and installation artists to explore new possibilities for George Town.

  • On collecting stories and voices.


    Survey, collecting opinions, interviews etc will usually be carried out during the design research phase of a project. But after this, what do we do with these data?